Instructor’s Copies and Textbook Purchases for Instructors

Instructor’s Copies

Most publishers supply free copies of textbooks to instructors who are requiring the text for their class. Either the instructor or the Department must request the book from the publisher. (Publishing companies will not supply instructor’s copies to a library) These copies are called instructor’s copy, teacher’s copy, desk copy, or examination copy. Instructions for requesting the free copy can often be found by Google-ing the publisher’s name and instructor copy (i.e.: Norton instructor copy). Please attempt to order an instructor’s copy from the publisher before requesting a library copy. If you have difficulty ordering an instructor's copy please contact Rose Burke at or 415.618.3769.

Textbook Purchases for Instructors

In the event that an instructor is unable to obtain an instructor’s copy free of charge through the publisher they can request that the library purchase a copy for them.

All books paid for by the Academy of Art for faculty use must be ordered through the library. This ensures that items are purchased using the library’s discounted rates and that all materials support the Academy’s curriculum. Please contact Rose Burke at or 415.618.3769 to order an instructor’s copy in the event that the publisher will not give a free instructor’s copy to a faculty member.

In rare circumstances, the Academy will reimburse a faculty member who purchases textbooks out of pocket. In this instance, the item in question would need to be sent to the library, where it will be processed and added to the catalog. At that point, the item becomes part of the library’s collection and is subject to the relevant borrowing policies. See here for more information about faculty borrowing privileges.

For all other material requests, please use the New Materials Request form on the library’s website. Requests are subject to approval by the department head and the library director.