LUNA supports Academy of Art University faculty instruction by providing access to over 275,000 images that directly support the University’s curriculum. LUNA also provides tools for creating amazing Web-based visual presentations that are ideal for classroom and research use.

LUNA Highlights

  • LUNA allows faculty to search our digital image collections including the Academy of Art University Collection and the AMICA Library, which total over 275,000 images
  • LUNA supports compelling presentation features such as zooming in and cropping of high-resolution images during presentations, instant access to image data, and allows for easy integration of Flickr content into Media Groups and Presentations
  • Images may be exported individually or in groups for use in other presentation software tools, such as PowerPoint and KeyNote, which do not require a network connection

Creating a Personal Account in LUNA

In order to take advantage of LUNA’s full functionality, users must register for a personal account. Simply create a username and password with the registration link at the top-right of the database:

Unregistered Users in LUNA Can:

  • Search all collections
  • Export individual images
  • Explore public Media Groups and Presentations
  • Play slide shows from Media Groups
  • Export Media Groups
  • Export Media Groups to PowerPoint

Registered Users in LUNA Can:

  • Use all the tools available to unregistered LUNA users
  • Create Media Groups and Presentations
  • Copy public Media Groups to their own accounts
  • Search and integrate external media via Flickr into Media Groups and Presentations

How Does LUNA Make Instruction Easier?

  • Creating presentations in LUNA saves a great deal of time each semester by simply editing and reusing existing presentations as opposed to starting from scratch with each lecture every semester
  • LUNA's interface design is based upon years of research, experience, and collaboration on how reproductions are used in research and teaching
  • Using digital images in LUNA increases student involvement
  • Class time is more productive since students have access to the images and presentations both before and after lectures

How Does LUNA Enhance Instruction?

  • LUNA supports cross-collection searching to make sure all images are discoverable
  • Users can view multiple images and arrange them in order of importance to meet learning objectives
  • Details not visible normally become clearly distinguishable with the zoom capabilities
  • Image data can immediately be accessed during LUNA's Web-based Presentations
  • Notations can be added to images to illustrate important points and provide supplemental information

What Do You Need to Use LUNA in the Classroom?

  • Internet-ready classroom *
  • Digital projector
  • Screen or white board
  • Computer (Mac or PC)

* A network connection is not necessary to show PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations.

LUNA Tutorials

Please visit our LUNA Tutorials page for a selection of instructional videos produced by Luna Imaging, Inc.


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