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February 6th, 2017

Hi All,

This post is meant to provide you with a reference about what to do and who to contact when a copier or printer goes awry.

From our wiki:

For problems with the printing and copying system, please put in an email or call to MRC immediately, and cc Olga and Brian.


The number to call for service is: 877.459.0777

For problems with the dollar/coin machine, please call: 1-800-990-2234

Please remember to record the issue in the black circ note book!

Important: The copier in the faculty breakroom is not serviced by MRC. Its an older one serviced by Ricoh. I will update this post with more information but if there are any problems with the machine, please let Olga or Debra know. Thank you!

Print on Alternate Paper

April 4th, 2016

Print on Alternate Paper option for printers and copiers.

If student’s print job gets stuck at machine and does not print:
1)Press “Job Status” button to the left of screen.
2)Find student’s print job at the end of the list. The job will say “Resources Required.”
3) Click the print job and a pop up menu will appear. Choose the “Print on Alternate Paper” option.
4) Then choose the paper tray. You can check the machine trays for their labels indicating paper size, Color or B&W.

Alt Paper.jpg

- - -

*Special note: Although, we can change the paper option at the printer, you cannot change between Color and B&W ink after it has been sent from the computer.

1) Student wants to print out a color photo.
2) Student’s job gets stuck because they chose print setting “B&W- Tabloid.”
3) If I go to the printer and change the paper to “Tray 3 U.S. Letter Color,” it will still print out as B&W ink, but on color paper.

In these cases, you will need to help the student resend their document from the computer.


Checking out LINK+ books with alternate barcode

February 24th, 2016

If you ever do a LINK+ paging search and you cannot find the book but there is an alternate copy of the same book on the shelf (i.e. they are under the bibliographic record in Millennium, they just have different barcodes), you can send that alternate copy to the borrowing library. This is how you do it:

1. Search/Holds function and scan barcode of book to bring up record.
2. If both copies are listed, they share a bibliographic record and you can transfer the hold by clicking on the item record that has the hold and then clicking on the “Transfer Holds” button.
3. Select the item record number for the book that you did find and the Link+ hold will be transferred.
4. INN-Reach check out to remote site and scan barcode. The book should now check out.

**Make sure you change the original book you searched for to ON SEARCH in Millennium**

Clear out old password to save PaperCut faculty unrestricted status

February 18th, 2016

There has been some trouble lately with saving work on the User Details screen when unrestricting faculty members. Staff members should follow these steps to avoid future issues.

Go to Settings (Customize and Control Settings in upper right of Chrome browser)
Scroll down and click Show advanced settings
Select Manage Passwords under Passwords and Forms
Scroll down to mrcprimary:9191
Select the X next to the password, delete, and click the Done button

Next time you log into you should be able to restrict and unrestrict faculty accounts without a problem.


Easy Printing Refunds

February 15th, 2016

Easy way to do refunds in Papercut:

1)Log into

2)Click the second tab on the top named “Users”. Type the student’s username and press “Go” to find their account.

3)You will then see the “User Details” of the patron’s account. Under the student’s account, click the far right tab named “Job Log”. This shows everything they have printed.
Papercut Refund.JPG

4)Click the Refund link under the specific print job.

5)You’ll see the affirmative “Refunded” button immediately after the action is processed.



Faculty borrowing privileges over break

December 9th, 2015

Hello all,

There have been some questions as to whether faculty members can borrow materials over the break or not. I’ve consulted with some other staff members and the answer (for now until we set a finalized written policy for this) is: ask the faculty member if the item(s) they wish to borrow is for course preparation. If that’s the case then, yes, they can borrow materials. Set the due date to the first day of spring semester, February 1. You don’t need to make them prove that it’s for course prep, by the way. Just ask.

Thank ye, thank ye,

Turning On/Restarting Print Add Value Touchscreen

October 15th, 2015

*Restart the Print Add Value touchscreen if the keyboard disappears*

1.     1. To restart through the touch screen, swipe from the right edge of the screen and then tap Settings. Click Power, and then click Restart.  OR manually press the power button on the bottom right edge of the monitor screen to turn off and turn back on.



2.  Upon restart, the screen will show a miniature screen of the Desktop in the top left corner. Click this miniature screen to enlarge to full screen.

3.  To open Papercut Pay Station, you will see a shortcut on the desktop.Touchscreenrestart2.JPGThe program is also pinned on the toolbar at the bottom of the monitor screen. Swipe up from bottom of the screen to see the toolbar with the icon.

4. Locking/Docking the keyboard: The “Dock” setting on the keyboard will enable the keyboard to remain locked and maximized on the bottom of on the screen. This will show up as a “Dock” button on the right side of the keyboard or as a setting for the keyboard.

Faculty Printing

October 15th, 2015

If you want to troubleshoot a faculty member’s account to check that their prints charge to their department, follow these steps:

1. Login onto with your aau email login.

2. Go to the “Users” tab, second tab from the left.


3. Ask the faculty member for their PeopleSoft/LMS/Workday username (i.e. PKELLY2, this login is used by teachers to take attendance for their classes.) Type this username into the search bar and press “Go”.


4. On the right side of their account page, under “Balance” and the dollar field, you will see a box labeled “Restricted.” Make sure it is unchecked to enable prints to automatically charge to their department. Click “OK” or “Apply” at the bottom of the page to save changes.  


5.  Below the “Balance” field, do a double check in the “Department” field that the faculty’s department is listed. If not, you can add it in. There is a list of faculty department numbers at the back of the circulation desk binder.


This will also be posted to the wiki. Thanks!


Printer “Error” Message temporary solution

October 12th, 2015

It appears that the error message occurs when the queue on the computer is filled to capacity, here are the steps for our temporary solution. Thanks Ben!

1. Open Finder window at computer

2. Go to Applications

3. In Applications, find the folder Utilities

4. Open the found in the Utilities folder

5. A command window should open with a line that reads “180nm-library-01-1344:~ student$”

6. Type the command “lprm -” then hit enter

7. The command should run for a few seconds clearing out the queue

8. You will know when its finished when this line “180nm-library-01-1344:~ student$” appears again awaiting a new command to run


Hope this is clear and helpful for everybody!

Brandon Andre Logans

To transfer copy card value onto student cloud account

October 2nd, 2015

1. Go to http://mrcpcprimary:9191/webcashier. Login with your email username and password

2.* In order to transfer copy card value onto a patron’s account, the patron must first authenticate their account through one of the print/copy machines*

3. After they authenticate, make sure you are on the “Deposit Funds” tab

4. Type their LMS username (My Academy login, Student Self Service)

5. Enter the $ amount from their copy card.

6. The Payment Method should be set to “Cash”

7. Click “Deposit”

8. Please make sure to keep patron’s copy card after depositing funds into their cloud account