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Introducing Berg Fashion Library!

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Hi all,

I want to let everyone know about a very cool new online resource that we just started subscribing to: The Berg Fashion Library! Berg has a lot of full-text books, dictionaries, and a 10-volume fashion encyclopedia, and a lot of images as well. Users can browse by geographic region, time period, material, and more. Start recommending it to patrons as a resource, and have fun playing around with it too! There is a link on the main page, the online resources page, and on the fashion subject guides.

Questions or comments? Send them my way!


A Course Study Guide By Any Other Name …

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

… is probably a LUNA Media Group!

Have you enjoyed a semantic tussle recently with a patron looking for some type of study guide in LUNA? I am here to demystify and help you locate these elusive guides:

Back in the early days of LUNA (a.k.a. Luna Insight), Course Study Guides were created to support a small cluster of classes: PH 235, PH 601, LA 120, LA 121, and LA 127. These are password-protected, static image presentations that live on their own special page on our website under “Reference Help” and are not in LUNA, the Web-based image database … yet.

The Course Study Guides can be found here:

This is the login information (also available on the Library staff wiki under, yup, “Course Study Guides”):

PH 235, PH 601, LA 120, and LA 121:

username: student

password: picasso

LA 127:

username: student

password: worldart

Moving on, if a student is looking for a “course study guide” that involves either fashion history, photography history, or master drawings, they are most likely referring to the LUNA Media Groups that were created to support these topics.

There are Search Guides also available under “Reference Help” to help direct patrons to these specific Media Groups. Please see the following links to view each Search Guide, which includes the names of corresponding Media Groups:

Finally, please note that there are links to both the Course Study Guides and the Search Guides on the Digital Images page.

I hope this helps, but as always please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you,