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New video location and updates to the subject guides

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Hi all,

We are making some changes to the movies by department section which includes one new video call number. It is Acting - Video Collection or Video-ACT …. call number for the handful of titles we have moved into that section. They will be housed in 664. We may create more department sections as we try to incorporate some of our existing films into the new majors such as Landscape Design and Game Design. We will keep you posted on progress.

Also there have been some updates to the subject guides as well. We have added an ESL subject guide and I have added resources to and categorized the Liberal Arts subject guide for the English resources. We are also in the process of adding Foreign Language Studies as an additional tab on the Liberal Arts subject guide page to include our Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese language resources for students studying foreign languages here at the Academy. Look for it soon!

If you have questions about either of these updates or changes ask!