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Faculty borrowing privileges over break

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Hello all,

There have been some questions as to whether faculty members can borrow materials over the break or not. I’ve consulted with some other staff members and the answer (for now until we set a finalized written policy for this) is: ask the faculty member if the item(s) they wish to borrow is for course preparation. If that’s the case then, yes, they can borrow materials. Set the due date to the first day of spring semester, February 1. You don’t need to make them prove that it’s for course prep, by the way. Just ask.

Thank ye, thank ye,


Thursday, July 11th, 2013

I know I sound like a broken record here. But it’s worth repeating… When you change an item’s status to missing, put an “m” note in the item’s record that has pertinent details and your initials! For instance, “Marked missing after searching twice. HS 7/11/13″ or “Student workers cannot find book. Missing 7/11/13 HS” or something equally informative. That way, when Joel or I or anyone else takes a look at a book that’s marked missing, we know the backstory. If we don’t have that, it’s all a big mystery. And we don’t like mysteries (unless they feature cat detectives, in which case we’re totally on board).

If you have questions or need a refresher on how to add messages to records, let me know. Thanks!