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Reference: Attics & Dollhouses, and Countries Project

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Thanks to Sean for doing the leg work on making these book lists for the “Attics & dollhouses” and “Countries” projects. Feel free to take a look at them and use them when students are asking for help on these projects.

These lists include circulation and reference books that are in our collection. For images, check out the Picture Files and categories under “Countries,” “Costume,” “U.S,” “Western,” “Art,” “People,” “Dance,” etc.

The book lists are saved in G:\Reference\Reference Help

Attics & Dollhouses Books.xls
Countries Project- Architecture Books.doc
Countries Project- Art & Culture Books.doc
Countries Project- Fashion Books.doc



FAQs for the beginning of Spring 2015

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Hi guys,

You may have been asked these questions already…Here’s a recent compilation!


- - -

a) Students Downloading AAU Fonts for Personal Use:

On any of the computers around the circ desk, click the Mac System icon in the top right hand corner of the desktop.

You’ll see the AAU Fonts folder, where students can download fonts for personal use through a USB or external hard drive.

- - -

b) Reference Question: “Countries” project or topics that only bring up a few books in our system, try National Geographic magazine

If the catalog doesn’t show many books on a topic or Picture Files are not proving so helpful, you can always try the National Geographic Index.

The indexes are found at the end of the National Geographic Back Issues section. There are 2 indexes (1888-1988 & 1989-2003) where you can search by topic and find which issues and page numbers the article on the topic are on.

You can find the issues in the bound annuals (1917-2014) located in the Periodicals or individual National Geographic issues (1923-2003) can be found in the Quiet Study Area (these can be checked out).

Example topic: “Geishas” didn’t bring up too many books, but there was at least one past National Geographic article with images that came under the search term “Geisha” and “Japan”

- - -

c)Reference Question: How do I find out the history of the retail store Old Navy?

For history, look at the company website.
Their annual report is available here (