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Library Staff Collection

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Hello all. I just added a link on the wiki as well but I wanted to send out a quick announcement about the Library Staff Collection. It is a collection we have had for some time but it has been housed in the Director’s office so has not seen much use by library staff. I decided that moving it to office 664 would make it more accessible.

We have a collection of books related to the study of libraries and librarianship available for staff use. It is the Library Staff collection and it is now housed in office 664. Some of the titles are a bit dated, although some of them are classics in the field such as Knowing where to look: the ultimate guide to research by Lois Horowitz. If you have suggestions for purchase for this collection please speak to the Acquisitions Coordinator or the Library Director. All of these titles are cataloged in Millennium but they are suppressed, which means they won’t show up in the OPAC but if you search for them directly in Millennium you will find them. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to use the collection and it is fine if you want to take a book home. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! make sure and check the title out to yourself in Millennium if you remove it from office 664. We want to keep track of these resources as they are great resources for the entire staff. The magazines that are shelved with the books are also part of this collection; however they are not cataloged in Millennium. If you take one out, please do return it! Thanks!


Subject Specialists

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

We are adding Subject Specialists to the Subject Guides - this can currently be seen on the Fashion, Architecture, Web Design / New Media, and Art History Subject Guides.

If you would like to be a subject specialist for one of the Academy’s departments, just email me and let me know which department subject guide you would like to be added to.


Printer Working? Maybe?

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

After reading Sloan’s Friday report on the printer breakdown, I tried to troubleshoot it myself, with the Mac/PC networking experience I have.  I think I may have fixed it, but we’ll see what happens today.

Technical details:  The print server (computer on floor below print pay station) has two network cards, one for the color printer side, and one for the library iMacs network side.  It receives data on the iMacs side from the iMacs when they print and queues the print jobs.  The iMacs on the library network get assigned IP addresses when they start up, and they can use any address that’s free at that time.  But the IP address for the print server’s network card has to stay the same fixed address, so that print jobs will always be sent to the same network card in the print server.

I don’t know if it was set manually during troubleshooting Saturday or some other time, but when I looked at it Sunday AM, the card was set to a get an address dynamically at startup.  When an iMac tries to print, the printer software tries to connect to a specific IP address:  You can see this address on a printing iMac sometimes when the connection is lost or very slow.  Anyway, I set the print server’s “iMac-side” network card to this specific and fixed IP address, so presumably it would see any incoming print jobs, and so far the tests have worked.

Once IT- or Mac-Help come in Monday to look at it, we can ask them if this is correct or not (if they know ;) ).