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New Library Site Ready for Testing

Tuesday, April 4th, 2006

Hi Everyone,

The first stage of the Website redesign has been completed. Jay and I would like everyone to start using this right away and start testing usability issues. Please change your browser home page to this url:

Go ahead and use it like you did with the old site. The biggest difference (other than the obvious design changes) is that the drop down menu has been removed from the main seach box. This search now defaults to a keyword search, which we feel is most useful for our users.

You can still search the old way by performing a search and going to the results page, which still offers the pull-down menu and indexes for Author, Subject, Title, Call Number, and ISBN.

You can also easily perfom a keyword search on an index in the main search box by using this syntax:

t:mona (will find all records with mona anywhere in the title)

a:mona (will find all records with mona in the author)

This type of search is useful sometimes because you do not have to know the exact start of the title or the author’s last name.
Please note any issues or suggestions that you have with the new site so we can fix them before we go live in the Summer.