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Fall training

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

The time has come for a new training session so we can all be well-equipped to deal with the chaos that is the beginning of fall semester. Depending on how much there is to cover, the training will most likely last two to three days and will be held sometime between August 9th and August 24th.

Like the last training session, attendance will be mandatory and, also like the last training, everyone will be paid for their time.

Please let John, Ryan, or me know what you’d like to have covered in the training and which days you’ll be available to attend.



Important! New Circ Procedure

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

In an effort to clarify expectations and increase accountability, I’ve made new opening and closing checklists to be filled out daily by all circ staff. Each day’s opening and closing procedures are outlined very clearly with a space for initials next to them. When you complete a task, please enter your initials so we know it’s been done.

You can find each day’s checklist on the bulletin board, next to the schedules.

Each morning Renee will print out the opening checklist and Ryan will collect it when he comes in. Ryan will print out the closing checklist each afternoon before he leaves. When the closing list is complete, please put it in Ryan’s mailbox.

This should help ensure that the circ staff is aware of what needs to be done each day and that the work is divided equitably. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.



New WGSN Pin Number

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

Please distribute the following PIN number to the students inquiring about access to WGSN:


For students that already have a username and password, please ask them to visit the WGSN-edu website - - and click PIN update (a link in the left-hand column of the home page). They need to input this PIN, type in their old user name and password then check that the details on the registration form that appears are correct. They then need to choose a new password, resubmit the form and a new username will be emailed to them.

Students have three weeks to complete this process, after which all the current usernames will be switched off.

Students who have never had a username and password before can register for the first time with this PIN, by following the procedure above but leaving the old username and password boxes blank and filling in the registration form in full.

Any problems or questions should be directed to Melissa Lai in the Fashion Department Office on the 7th floor.