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Border’s gift card winners

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Hi everyone,

The library survey and drawing is over and three students won Border’s gift cards. They’ve all been sent an email to come pick up their prizes at the circ desk. All three gift cards are in envelopes in the cash drawer, with the students’ names on them. Please put these away with the cash drawer at closing and bring them back out when opening.



DVD Checkout Policy

Friday, November 17th, 2006

There has been a little bit of confusion about this policy lately. We really don’t want students to take DVDs home at all - there is just too much of a risk of these items becoming damaged or the policy being abused by students using the library as a free movie store. We could never meet the kind of demand that this would create.

The original and overarching intention of the DVD collection is to provide teaching materials for instructors to use in class. It was never intended for student use, although we have facilitated this by providing viewing stations here in the library.

Last semester, at the request of Cathy Corcoran, we make an exception to this policy for graduate students only . This exception was intended to allow students to take DVDs down to the labs to work on them. We require students to return the DVDs by the end of the day - they are not to be taken home. Since the lab is open until 2:00am and we close at 10:00pm, we ask that students return the DVDs to the drop box in the 180NM lobby when leaving the building if the library is closed.

Unfortunately, the policy was misinterpreted to mean that the DVDs have to be in the drop box before we open the following day at 8:00am. This is not the case. Students returning DVDs the following day are charged a $3.00 overdue fine. I know that there is no way to tell if a student dropped an item in the box at 2:00am or 7:00am the next day, but if we’re good about emptying the box at or around 8:00am, most of the problems with students coming in and asking us to backdate DVDs should go away.
Let us know what you think. This policy is definitely open for review. Any suggestions are welcome.