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Course readers

Monday, August 31st, 2009

To get their course readers last semester, students had to pay the fee at Accounts Receivable and then use their receipt as a voucher at the copy shop to get a printout of the reader. No more!

This semester, any class that uses a course reader will have copies of the reader for the students to buy on the first day of class. Syllabi, however, will still have to be printed out by each individual student.

Stickering progress

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

We finished all the circ ex. cat. from the Page room and shelved them, and started with the cat. in Debra’s office. [PLEASE SEE NOTE BELOW - H.S.] Also stickered some of the Page room cat., including the first top shelf (finished) and second shelf (still needs clear labels - they remain in the Page room). Finished with the N6841 on the circ shelves with extra space for the Page room materials that will be intra-shelved once all the ones in Debra’s office are complete. (more…)