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New loan rule for stock photo & sound CDs

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Since the stock photo and sound CDs are no longer the hot commodity that they once were, we have decided to make the loan rule on these items one day instead of same day. From here on out, they will be due at close the day after they are checked out (just like movies). Fines on these items will still be $1/day. Please let me know if you are seeing inconsistencies with checkout times or fine assessment!

Heather S.

Yerba Buena Gardens-New Designated Safe Zone for 180 New Montgomery

Friday, November 20th, 2009

In an emergency, 180 New Montgomery students, faculty, and staff will now exit through the stairs, cross Howard Street to the opposite side of the fire department, turn right on 3rd Street, and then enter Yerba Buena Gardens. We will no longer meet at the previous designated area of Howard and Hawthorne. In the case of an emergency never use the elevators- always exit the building using the stairs found near Heather Stenson’s office. If anyone has any questions please speak with Heather Cummins – 6th floor safety warden.

Everyone should have received the emergency preparedness training video in his or her AAU email. Please take the time to watch it.