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Credit Card Payment

Friday, January 29th, 2010


This is just a reminder that we can now take credit card payments for PeopleSoft holds. If a student calls or comes in and wants to pay for lost items via credit card they can do so. Please direct them to Heather Stenson, Hope Johnson, or Debra Sampson. If we are not here, you can take down the credit card information, including the credit card number, name on the card, billing address for the card, and expiration date. Please then pass this information along to one of us with the student’s name and ID number. We can not take credit cards for fines or for copy cards yet but we are working on a solution for that as well.


WGSN - New Fashion Database

Friday, January 29th, 2010

We now have access to WGSN.  We previously had access to a free educational version of WGSN, we now have a paid subscription to their professional site.  WGSN is a fashion database that provides access to 4 million images, information on trade shows, fashion trend analysis as well as information on interiors and beauty.

To access WGSN students will need to go through the proxy when they are off campus (they will need to enter their name and student id number).  Both students on campus and off campus will need to enter the Academy’s username and password on the WGSN login page.

username: academyart

password: wgsn200

You can give this username and password out to students.

This website causes some problems with a security certificate on our proxy server.  I have created a webpage that shows students how to get through the security warnings, you can find this page here:

Connecting to WGSN

Taking checks from students

Friday, January 29th, 2010

When a student is paying his or her fines with a check, make sure that the student ID number is on the check. If the student is here writing the check, ask that they do it themselves, and if we receive the check in the mail, go ahead and write the ID number on it yourself (if the student didn’t do so already). Accounts Receivable has gotten a lot of bounced checks in the past few months, and if they have the student’s ID number handy it’s easier for them to take appropriate action. If you have any questions just let me know!

Heather S.

Room 664

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Please remember to close the door of 664 (aka the Page Room) completely! If you don’t pull it all the way shut (you’ll hear the lock click), the door is not secure and anyone pushing on the door could just walk on in. Thanks!

Heather S.

Two New Online Resources

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

I have added two new online resources to the online articles and reference page:  IMDbPro and Material ConneXion.

IMDbPro is the paid version of IMDb (the database of movies, television shows, actors, etc.).  We have a multi-seat account meaning we can give the account out to 9 different students or faculty members.  We also have one account for the library.  To login go to IMDbPro the username is aaulibrary and the password is aaulib.  We will be giving students access for two weeks initially, we may increase this or decrease this depending on demand.

You can ask me (Holly) to setup students with accounts as they are needed.

Material ConneXion works through our proxy so there is direct access on campus, off-campus students will be asked to enter their name and student id number.

From the main page of Material ConneXion (the link is on the Online Articles page) there is  a link that says “Material Search”, click this link to conduct a materials search.  After viewing the search results, use the “New Search” link to conduct a new search.  I have let Material ConneXion know there are some problems with some of their links (if you click the MC logo it takes you to a page not found page).

Let me know if you have any questions.


Watch for Peoplesoft holds!

Friday, January 8th, 2010

I have put the end-of-semester holds on all students who still have items checked out from the fall semester. This means that EVERYTHING that was due last semester and is just now being turned in has an accompanying hold on the patron’s account, even if the item is not “N/A Billed” yet. So for EVERY item that is turned in from the fall semester, you will need to remove the hold from the patron’s Millennium and Peoplesoft records.

Also, please be aware that in some cases there may be two holds both in Millennium and Peoplesoft. (This happens when the patron already has a hold, in which case the end-of-semester hold that I put on just adds another.) Be on the lookout for this! If you see two Peoplesoft holds and/or two Millennium messages, remove them both.


Heather S.