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Database Login

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to those of you who have been off! We are getting a lot of emails in the library inbox about remote access to our databases. Here is a draft of what I sent to Admissions who is going to send it out to students.

The Academy of Art offers students and faculty access to several subscription databases for research and study. When you are off campus you need to use a login to access these resources. The key pieces of information you need to use these resources are:

1. Your name and student ID number.

*Please note that this is not the same as your online class login and password, which is generally a combination of your name and several numbers. For the library databases the login is simply the name that you registered under and your 8 digit student ID number.

2. Your Academy of Art email address.

* As a student you are given an email address from the Academy of Art. You are sent your email address with login instructions by your student representative in an email. You need to use this email to create an account to access some of the databases. If you do not know your Academy of Art email address please contact your student representative.

Also, students only need to use their name and student ID to access WGSN. Previously they needed an additional username and password and we still have students who seem to think they need additional information. Holly is going to speak with Melissa Lai, Fashion AA, to make sure that the information the Fashion Department is distributing is up to date and all you need to tell students is that they need to access WGSN through the library website and that they only need their name and student ID to access it. If you have questions please speak to Holly or myself.


Burning CDs on the new student Macs

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The new student computers that the Mac lab installed a few weeks ago don’t have the burning program Toast on them anymore. I called Mac Help to ask whether there’s another way for people to burn CDs, and the answer is yes! Yes, there is. The solution, it seems, is Finder. Have a student insert a blank disc (CD or DVD-ROM) into the computer. A pop-up message pops up, and the student should choose Open Finder. In Finder, students can drag and drop the files that they want to burn into the CD icon. When everything that they want to be burned is on the disc, go to File, and choose the option Burn (it’s down near the bottom). At this point, the student will be able to name their CD if they want to do so. It takes a few minutes to load and burn! Once the computer says that the disc has finished burning, hit the Eject key on the keyboard. To be on the safe side, advise the student to reinsert the CD to make sure that everything worked correctly.

And… presto! CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, burned!