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New Subject Guide - Business

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011


Hope created a new subject guide for our students that covers Business Resources.  This subject guide will pertain to all departments and contains information on Business Planning, Marketing & Branding, Product Development, Demographics and Market Research, Corporate Data, and Legal Resources.  I have linked to this Subject Guide from the page that lists all of the subject guides (, as well as from the Fashion Subject Guide.

You can see the Business Subject Guide here:

We will be adding a blog post or adding a link from the homepage to highlight this new subject guide as well.
If you have any questions about this subject guide you can ask Hope or I.  If you have any resources you think we should add, just let me know.


Status Update: Status!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

In the interests of cleaning up our catalog and making records easier for you to interpret, we’ve revamped the Item Status situation a little bit. As you know, we’ve been using the status “In Processing” to indicate a lot of possible situations - anything from “This item is being cataloged” to “This item is being relabeled or re-cataloged” to “We’re thinking about withdrawing or replacing this item.” This has led to some confusion for staff members as to where an item is and what’s being done with it. No more!

When a book arrives at the Library, Rose checks it in. At this point, the item status will be “Received.” Rose brings the book to the Technical Services office to be processed and cataloged; during this time, the book’s status will be “In Cataloging.” Once we’ve finished with it, the item’s status will be, of course, “On Shelf.”

What if we have a damaged or outdated item that might need to be replaced? That item will have a status of “Evaluation.” This status will probably mean that Rose is evaluating an item for replacement, although it might also be evaluated by Debra or Hope; check on the item’s X-Note to see for sure who it’s with.

If an item needs to be relabeled or re-cataloged in the Technical Service office, its status will be “In Processing.” All items with this status should have an X-Note explaining why it’s in Technical Services.

Please keep in mind that our patrons are only going to see some of this in the catalog. Items with statuses of “Received” and “In Cataloging” will show up in the catalog very rarely since new items are usually suppressed until they reach the shelves. Patrons will be able to see items with statuses of “Evaluation” and “In Processing,” so keep in mind that if you get a question about items with these statuses, you can use Millennium to look at the item record, check the X-Note, and see what the story is.

Since this is a new initiative, we still have some record clean-up to do, including figuring out the whereabouts of some mysterious “In Processing” items, but these will be resolved in short order. This system will help us keep our catalog tidy, our workflow streamlined, and our patrons happy!

Please feel free to ask me or Ian if you have any questions!