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Problems accessing Library website off campus

Friday, July 29th, 2011

We are having some problems with the library website not being accessible off campus.  It may work for some students but not for others.  IT is looking into this problem and I will post again when I know more, or that I know it is fixed.

If you get calls today (Friday) or this weekend about students not able to access the library website or online resources, you can let them know that we are working on it.

Let Holly know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Guests in the Library

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

We have had a few recent requests from students to let their friends in the library. Students who want their friend to hang out with them while they study, watch a movie, etc are out of luck! We only let members of the public in under two circumstances:

1)they are here to research (see the “guest researcher” form found under library policies)

2)they are here for special event, such as Page One, and have special permission because of this event.

Questions? Let me know! AF

Beatles Mania!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Guys. Did you know that the liberal arts department is teaching a Beatles class this summer? Because they are - LA 499, The Beatles in the Visual Arts. According to the Academy’s website, this course “focuses on the evolution of the Beatles style of fashion, design, film and music over the course of their career and how the visual media associated with them influenced the work of other artists. Students will produce a project incorporating aspects of the Beatles aesthetic, history or influence.” Sounds fun!

Rose has procured the entire Beatles discography, and all of these CDs are now on Course Reserve for LA 499. They are in the Course Reserve drawer at the Circ Desk - take a look! As with all Course Reserve items, these are for in-library use only, one at a time, for an hour at a time.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Updates to the Library Website!

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Hi Everyone,

We have been working on some changes to the library website, and there are more changes yet to come.  I have been working with Abby to update the Digital Images page, there are a lot more resources listed now, and the layout has been updated a lot.

Please ask Abby or I, if you have any questions about the new page.

Also, Hope and Debra have been working on updating the Subject Guides.  There should be updates to all of them by the end of the summer, but currently the Fashion, Illustration, Interior Architecture, and Graphic Design Subject Guides have been updated.

We will be making more updates to the MLA citation guide in August, and I will soon be updating the Online Articles and Reference page’s layout to look more like the new Digital Images layout.


MLA Resources

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Hi everyone,

Holly and I have some exciting* news about MLA resources (*if you consider style rules exciting, that is):

We now have an updated MLA Citation Guide webpage, which includes new formats such as graphic novels, blog posts, and YouTube videos.  We also have a PDF How-To Guide specifically for image citation.

Here is the link to the MLA Citation Guide webpage:

The PDF How-To Guide for image citation can be found in the following places:

  • Under the image example sections of the MLA Citation Guide webpage:
  • Under the Library Tutorials webpage:
  • Last but not least, the Digital Images webpage:

Also, there is a new print handout version of the updated MLA Citation Guide, lovingly crafted by Emily, which will make its debut soon at the Circulation Desk.

Please contact Holly or me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding these resources.

Thank you,

Copy card dispenser issues

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Because the copy card dispenser will be used more often the closer we get to midterms and finals, you will probably start to see more issues coming up.  I will get in contact with ITC about particular issues, but it’s best to know how to deal with these things when they come up, especially when I am out of the office.
One thing that has been happening is the card dispenser has been taking money but not crediting the card itself.  When this happens, here’s what you can do as a quick fix:

-use a card reader to see double check how much is on the card. Sometimes patrons get confused!

-if in fact the card has less money on it than the student put in the machine, ask them if they used plastic or bills.

-if plastic: go ahead and put the amount of money they were debited on the copy card using the the card encoder under the circ desk.

-if cash, if they put large bills in the machine, it’s good to open the machine up to double check they are there.  Because the patron usually figures the problem out sooner than later, you can track down the bills pretty easily. Don’t take the money out, just double check they are there, and then encode the card for the amount the machine took.

-always let me know when this comes up via email, or leave a message on my voice mail! I will let you guys know when this problem is resolved. I have encountered this issue a few times, and I’ve never felt the patron is lying or being dishonest, so err on the side of good customer service and make sure the patron leaves with money on their card!
Thanks for your good work!