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WWD unavailable

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

UPDATE 2 (2/2/2012):

WWD should be working, but you may see a Server Error message after clicking Step 1 and Step 2.  If you click the GO TO THE HOMEPAGE link, it should work.

See this page, for more information.
UPDATE (2/1/2012):

WWD Seems to be working intermittently now.  Sometimes it takes me through to the site and appears to be working fine.  But I tried it a few more times and received a Server Error after I clicked the Step Two button.

I will keep updating as I know more.

Original Post:
WWD is currently not working. When you click the link and then click the Step 1 button, it says that the IP Address is invalid. I am working with WWD to have this fixed as soon as possible. I am hoping it will be fixed before Monday. If any students or instructors ask about it, you can say that we know about the problem and that we hope it will be fixed soon. We have no ETA on it being fixed at this point, but I will update this post as I know more.

WWD articles are available through Proquest. To get there, go to this page:

And click the link that says Browse or Search Fulltext Articles (ProQuest). This is a few weeks delayed. Currently the most recent issue available is from January 6.

From the above link you can either Search through WWD or click the Year, and then month, and then issue to see all the articles for that issue.

If it does not look like WWD will be fixed prior to Monday, I will post these instructions to the website, so that students know how they can access issues of WWD.

Please ask Holly if you have any questions. I will post more, as I know more. Currently WWD thinks everything is working, so this may take some time.

Meebo Chat is down

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

We have been having some problems with the meebo chat - when someone is logged on, the widget that we have on the website sometimes says that the librarian is offline.  I’ve been doing some testing to try to figure out what the problem is, but it is not consistent.  I’m hoping that the Meebo service is having some problems, and that this will be fixed in the future.  For now, I have posted a message at the top of the Meebo Chat page ( that says “Meebo Chat is temporarily unavailable - we hope to have it back up and working soon!”  I will continue to test, and if it begins to work consistently, I will take the message down.  Otherwise I will look into alternatives or we will take the page down.  I will post more, when I know more.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Art @ AAU Library

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Hi all,

A pilot project has been set in motion, Art @ AAU Library! Here is what you need to know:

We are trying to set up a more standardized and professional process for students to submit and display artwork in the Library. We now have an updated set of guidelines and a contract for future use. I will be posting the guidelines to the wiki soon but until then you should feel free to forward any inquiries to me. In a nutshell though, we would like to have a new display every semester; current students from all departments are eligible as long as they do not have any PS holds or outstanding Library fines; and artwork will NOT be priced for sale.

In addition to displaying student art in the Library, we want to try to offer an online component to provide more exposure to the students’ work, Library resources, and engage the online community more. A new blog has been created for this purpose:

Finally, what is the deal with the yarn and QR codes around the Library? This is our first “exhibit” to coincide with the Staff Picks book display on guerilla art and the launch of the blog. Some of your crafty coworkers kindly agreed to create some lovely yarn graffiti to test the waters and hopefully generate some interest among the students.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or would like to help out with any part of this project going forward!

Thank you,