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Video collection changes

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Hi everyone,

We made two big changes to the videos over the closed week, so be aware!

First big change: The creation of the TV collection. Television shows used to be part of the MPT collection (VIDEO-MPT TV) but are now their own collection (VIDEO-TV). The call number is formulated TV [NAME OF SHOW] [SEASON #] and the movies are arranged alphabetically. It is housed on the lower shelves right next to MPT.

Second big change: The merging and rearranging of the AC and AF collections into the ANM collection. Now, instead of two separate animation collections, AC and AF, there is just one, the ANM collection. The call number is formulated ANM [TITLE OF MOVIE OR NAME OF SHOW] [VOLUME OR SEASON #, if applicable], and the movies are also arranged alphabetically. This collection is housed on the same shelf.

There are a small number of movies still checked out that have the old call numbers. When you check them in, a pop-up message will ask you to bring them to the TS office - please do so and we will relabel them.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Heather and Emily