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Library Classroom 621 schedule and usage

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Hi all,

There seems to be some confusion over the schedule and procedure forĀ  reserving the library classroom 621. I work with Megan Pohley every semester to determine the classroom schedule and then input scheduled classes into the Library Classroom calendar on the Intranet. The classes that are on the calendar currently are the only scheduled classes for Summer 2012. If someone is using that room outside of those times they are essentially squatting! I am going to put up signage today stating “This classroom has regularly scheduled classes and events. If you would like to use this space you need to reserve it at the Circulation Desk.” The library classroom calendar works exactly the same way as the theater room calendar so if you get a request to use the room schedule it the exact same way. If someone is looking to hold a regularly scheduled class or event, i.e. weekly tutoring sessions, in room 621 they need to speak with me.

Any questions please ask me!


MFA grading system change

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Hi folks,

Along with some more radical changes that are in the works concerning our MFA collection (more on that as things develop!), the grading system will be different starting with the projects that we’re receiving for students who graduated in Spring 2012. Instead of trying to squish the new-ish “Doesn’t Meet” - “Meets” - “Exceeds” [expectations] rubric to fit our Poor - Fair - Good - Excellent system, we are changing things up! Now, only projects that have been deemed to “exceed” expectations will be given a grade; all others will not have a grade noted in the catalog record or on the box.

Also, as a side note, a very high percentage of MFA projects from the last few semesters have been marked by the grading committee as not available for public viewing in the library. This can be because of a number of reasons, good or otherwise - the student might want to keep the information or images private if they are starting a business or pursuing larger projects using the thesis material as a base, or the grading committee might feel that while the project is good enough to pass, they don’t want other students using the material as inspiration. If you get any requests for student projects that we do not have in the catalog, this might be why. These suppressed MFAs are not available for patron viewing, although exceptions can be made for department directors, etc. Please ask me if you have any questions!