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Instructors Checking Out Over the Break

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Students are never allowed to check out past a semester. Instructors, however, are able to so long as they inquire about it. You will need to change their expiration date to the last day of Summer Intercession - June 13th. You can check it out to them up until the end of Intercession depending on how long they need it. This is usually done on a case by case basis, so if you have any questions just ask Ellen or Anders.


Printing background colors and images in Word 2010 for Macs

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Hello everyone,

Lately we have been getting a lot of questions from students as to why their documents can’t print out colored backgrounds in Microsoft Word. In only a few steps, you can turn those frowns upside down.
Here is the solution:

1. Go to the Word menu. (located next to File menu)
2. Click Preferences.
3. Click on the Printer Icon.
4. Make sure the “Print Background Colors & Images” box is checked.
5. Click OK.

Thank you,