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Graphic Design MFAs with autobiography

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Hi guys,

Students have been requesting Graphic Design MFAs with autobiographies. To make it easier, here is a list of Graphic Design MFAs in our Special Collections that contain autobiographies. Note, these are MFAs with printed booklets that had autobiographies. I didn’t check any of the MFAs that only had cds.

-Chang, Wei Lin
-Dove, Kamilah
-Franco, Marlene
-Lee, Harim
-Lorber, Penny
-McGuigan, Brennan
-Wang, Shih-Wen

Henning, Annemarie


Language settings in IMacs

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

To change the language settings back to English in the IMacs, please do the following steps.

Apple Menu > System Preferences > Language & Region

From the Language/Region dialog box, you can highlight the language you would like to delete and then press the ‘-’ sign.

If the computer is still showing any other language when you type, click Keyboard Preferences > Input Sources.

From the list, you can highlight the language you would like to delete and then press the ‘-’ sign.

- Ellen

Printing from Google Drive

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Hi all,

Lately, we have had a lot of students printing documents or pictures from their Google drive and having issues with the placement of the image or document on the printed paper. For some odd reason, printing from their Google drive on the IMacs messes up the format they had originally set for their documents.

The Solution: When printing from their Google drive, a print dialog box will pop up. From the print dialog box, you will see a link at the very bottom in blue letters that will say, “Print in PDF using Preview.” Click this option and then have the student print from Preview instead of directly from the Google drive. They should be able to print their documents in their original saved format.

As always, if you’re having trouble printing please call me.


Ellen Dario. Like Mario but with a ‘D’

Front Door Alarm

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Hi all,

Heather and I briefly met with the head of security, Mike, about the alarm on the front door. He confirmed that having that door locked is indeed a fire hazard. He was ordered by the fire marshal to have it unlocked at all times. The screamer alarm is a temporary fix. They will be installing something more akin to a home security alarm in the future. There is also potential for additional cameras to be installed.

The implementation of setting/disarming the screamer alarm will happen tonight. This also means that starting now, the front door will not be locked.

Info on the alarm:
• To set/disarm, the key code is 32132
• When setting the alarm, you will hear a long beep and see a light flash
• When disarming the alarm, you will hear two short beeps, no light will flash

Closers, please remember to set the alarm tonight after you leave. Do not lock the door.

Renee & Rose & openers, please remember to disarm the alarm starting tomorrow morning. Until we get the new security system, the door will be unarmed and unlocked until we open. The only signifier we are closed will be the closed doors. Which, unfortunately, hasn’t stopped folks in the past.

I will be collecting everyone’s front door keys tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Updates Galore for Special Collections!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Hi all,

Please read on for news and more news from the land of Special Collections:

Fashion Files

The Fashion Files have been cataloged, and are now searchable in our OPAC! This means that you can look up an item such as “lookbook” and know which designer’s folder will have one. There is also a new, detailed print index available for browsing on top of the Fashion Files. In addition, there are barcodes on each folder allowing us to now check out each folder to the patron in Millennium instead of entering the information into One Drive. The Special Collections Policies and Procedures guide has been updated to reflect this change.

Many thanks to Joel for managing this project, and to Kelly for her assistance with cataloging.

Vintage Periodicals

Going forward, please do not secure checkout cards to the archival sleeve of each magazine with paper clips as many of the bags have been punctured. Additionally, I found some cards attached to the cover inside the sleeve, which should also be avoided in the future as this can damage the magazine. As an alternative solution, I have placed each checkout card just inside the sleeve. Please store the cards for each issue this way instead, and make sure that no paper clips are left on the card after checking out an issue to a patron.

Special Collections Webpage: Coming Soon!

I am happy to announce that Special Collections now has its own webpage with brief descriptions of each collection. It is still in the final editing phase, but if you would like a sneak preview just follow this link:

A huge thank you to Heather for creating this page, and to Sean and Steph for their assistance in drafting the summaries.

Book Cradles

We have some cradles now to hold open the rare books for viewing, as well as to use in future displays in the front cases. There are three different sized acrylic cradles in Room 664: one is at a table already, and the others are currently stored on top of the Desk Reference shelving toward the back of the room.

Gentle Reminder: Instructor-Led Tours

As many of you already know, with the start of the new semester we can expect visits from instructors who prefer to show their classes around the library without a library staff member. Some of these instructors may be new to AAU, or perhaps they have not been to the library since the creation of our new Special Collections department, so they may not be aware of our current policies and procedures for the different collections. Please be proactive and embrace the teachable moment when an unannounced, instructor-led tour arrives during your shift, and offer to show them an example from the collection they are interested in with a brief explanation of how these materials are to be handled and the loan rules.

As always, please let me know if you have questions at any time.

Thank you,