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Checking out LINK+ books with alternate barcode

If you ever do a LINK+ paging search and you cannot find the book but there is an alternate copy of the same book on the shelf (i.e. they are under the bibliographic record in Millennium, they just have different barcodes), you can send that alternate copy to the borrowing library. This is how you do it:

1. Search/Holds function and scan barcode of book to bring up record.
2. If both copies are listed, they share a bibliographic record and you can transfer the hold by clicking on the item record that has the hold and then clicking on the “Transfer Holds” button.
3. Select the item record number for the book that you did find and the Link+ hold will be transferred.
4. INN-Reach check out to remote site and scan barcode. The book should now check out.

**Make sure you change the original book you searched for to ON SEARCH in Millennium**

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