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New Student Server Instructions

The process for connecting to student servers works a bit differently now. There are now only two servers that students use, Jupiter and Mars. Most students will be using Jupiter; Mars is only for Animation students. The main change is that they are now required to login using their LMS credentials.

To connect to the servers on the Macs:
–Go to the Finder application,
–Click on “Go” at the top of the page.
–Click on “Connect to Server” from the drop-down menu.
–Enter either smb:// or smb://
–Connect as a Registered User, enter LMS/Peoplesoft credentials
–There will be a list of departments that correspond to the classes that the student is currently enrolled in, MPT, ARH, etc.
–Click on the department and the files should appear.

This information is also on the wiki. Computers & Electronic Resources>Computers (Student)>Student Servers.

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