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Printing Help Options

February 6th, 2017

Hi All,

This post is meant to provide you with a reference about what to do and who to contact when a copier or printer goes awry.

From our wiki:

For problems with the printing and copying system, please put in an email or call to MRC immediately, and cc Olga and Brian.


The number to call for service is: 877.459.0777

For problems with the dollar/coin machine, please call: 1-800-990-2234

Please remember to record the issue in the black circ note book!

Important: The copier in the faculty breakroom is not serviced by MRC. Its an older one serviced by Ricoh. I will update this post with more information but if there are any problems with the machine, please let Olga or Debra know. Thank you!

Print on Alternate Paper

April 4th, 2016

Print on Alternate Paper option for printers and copiers.

If student’s print job gets stuck at machine and does not print:
1)Press “Job Status” button to the left of screen.
2)Find student’s print job at the end of the list. The job will say “Resources Required.”
3) Click the print job and a pop up menu will appear. Choose the “Print on Alternate Paper” option.
4) Then choose the paper tray. You can check the machine trays for their labels indicating paper size, Color or B&W.

Alt Paper.jpg

- - -

*Special note: Although, we can change the paper option at the printer, you cannot change between Color and B&W ink after it has been sent from the computer.

1) Student wants to print out a color photo.
2) Student’s job gets stuck because they chose print setting “B&W- Tabloid.”
3) If I go to the printer and change the paper to “Tray 3 U.S. Letter Color,” it will still print out as B&W ink, but on color paper.

In these cases, you will need to help the student resend their document from the computer.