Library Policies

Library Behavior Policy

We encourage all AAU students and faculty to visit the library. Those who use the library have the right to expect a safe, comfortable environment that supports appropriate library services. Learn more about appropriate behavior in the library.

Closing Procedures and Policies

As a courtesy to your fellow students and to AAU staff members, please be aware of and comply with the library's closing time procedures.

Patron Use of Library Office Supplies

We supply scratch paper and golf pencils for note taking, but don't provide patrons with other office supplies. Click here to learn more.

Group Study Room, Theater Room, & Library Classroom Use

We have a 15-seat theater and an 8-seat group study room available for your use. Our classroom, while typically reserved for classes and events, is sometimes available as well. Learn more about these rooms, how to reserve them, and our policies about them.

Theft & Vandalism Policy

Theft or vandalism of library property is a violation of Academy policy and state law, and is considered criminal and behavioral misconduct in accordance with the AAU Student Code of Conduct. Learn more about our theft & vandalism policy.

Alumni Use Policy

Alumni are welcome to use the library's resources in the library. Alumni must have an alumni card in order to enter the building, and cannot check materials out of the library.

Public Use Policy

The mission of the Academy of Art University Library is to support the students and faculty of the University. We are not open for general interest or browsing, although individuals from the public with a legitimate research interest may request temporary access to our reference collection.

Library Donations

The Academy of Art University Library welcomes gifts of books and other materials that enhance or develop the library collection. Click here to learn more about our donations policy and to access our donation form.