Debra began her career at the Academy of Art in 2007 as Library Director and has recently returned to the role after a sabbatical in Kyoto, Japan. Her educational background includes a B.A. from Sonoma State University in Literature and a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Debra spends her time in the library focusing on outreach and public relations, collection development, and working on campus-wide Information Literacy initiatives. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, cooking, knitting, and hiking, and continues to study Japanese. Debra is happy to consult with you about the library’s resources and services at any time. Please email or phone her to set up an appointment.

Vesna joined the AAU Library in November 2016. Entering the library world was a lateral career move; she worked for many years at Bay Area Law firms. Vesna received a JD from Brazil and a Master of Laws degree from Golden Gate University. She completed City College of San Francisco’s Library Information Technology program in 2014. Before joining AAU, Vesna was a Library Technical Assistant Intern at CCSF.

Vesna has a broad range of interests; she has worked in producing school musical theater performances, volunteers as archivist for a San Francisco non-profit organization which teaches kids how to dance, and has dabbled in studying particle physics, among other things. She enjoys listening to Brazilian music, visiting the rich array of San Francisco museums, traveling, gardening and cooking. Always adaptable, she loves learning new things. Vesna really enjoys assisting student-patrons at academic libraries; she wants to help them succeed in their endeavors!

Miranda joined the Academy of Art University Library in February 2017, after moving to San Francisco from Europe. During her eight years in France, she worked as a librarian and library specialist at Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève in Paris. Miranda received a B.A. in Literature and a B.A. in Library and Information Science from the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

Outside of work, Miranda dances and teaches Argentine tango.

After many years in the animal care field, Renee decided to pursue her other career interest in library studies. She completed the two-year Library Information Technology program at CCSF in 1997. She started at the Academy that same year working in Circulation then moved to the Serials department. She is responsible for maintaining all aspects of the approximately 300-title collection, which includes acquisitions, bindery, claims, repairs and displaying current magazines.

Olga joined the Academy of Art Library in 2016. She earned Master’s Degree in History and Education from the St. Petersburg State University in Russia, and received her MLIS from San Jose State University. For 6 years she worked as a Lead Instructor of Russian Language for NASA astronaut members of the International Space Station. Prior to joining the AAU Library, she was working as a Library Training Consultant with Innovative Interfaces – a company that provides software for libraries all over the world. She had the opportunity to work with libraries in Chile, Botswana, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Dubai.

Her professional interests include library management, public services and online research. She loves to travel, read, garden, play tennis, ski, bike, and go to opera and ballet performances.

Amber joined the Academy of Art University Library in April of 2018. She received a BS in Conservation Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in 2015. While at SUNY ESF, she also worked in the college library. She decided she might as well work in a library, since she hangs out in them all the time anyway.

Amber is especially interested in running, insects, palindromes, and maps.

Fabiola joined the AAU Library June 2018. She is a student at City College of San Francisco, where she first began her work as a student librarian assistant. Fabiola is also currently working towards transferring to San Francisco State University. She is interested in the meaning behind stories and patterns imbedded in different cultures and how they interconnect. In satisfying her curiosity for such things she was naturally lead to library studies.

Outside of the library, Fabiola enjoys live music and watching for seals at Aquatic Park.

Emily joined Academy of Art University in October 2018. She graduated from Montana State University with a BA in Writing in May 2017 and moved to San Francisco shortly after. She worked as the Senior Student Assistant at the university library, but her love for books began in infancy. Currently, she is pursuing accreditation from American Grant Writer's Association. Someday, she'd love to help people on a large scale by getting wonderful organizations lots of money. In the meantime, she'd love to help you. Tell her about your projects!

Outside of the library, Emily loves to create little videos, write until her hand hurts, read (obviously) and ogle dogs passing her on the sidewalk.

Erica joined Academy of Art University in June of 2018. She received a BA from Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Art History and minoring in German language. While finishing her degree, Erica worked as a library associate at a public library in Virginia. After living in Richmond for 6 years, she moved back to the Bay Area in search of new opportunities.

Her hobbies include going to concerts, studying Northern Renaissance printmaking, speaking German, and painting/drawing. She also enjoys TV shows about vampires and classic sci-fi novels.

Brandon joined the AAU library in 2014. He is a little obsessed with color theory and mythic image and is always curious to hear about what you might be working on. Brandon received his B.A. in English with a focus on Creative Writing and Russian Studies and is always happy to help you.

His outside interests include anime, video games, movies, and more generally, surprises!

Karen joined the Academy of Art Library staff in September of 2018. She received a B.A. from Mills College in Studio Art primarily focusing in photography, video, sculpture, drawing, and art history. After her degree completion, Karen worked ten years in visual merchandising and management. Wanting to bridge her undergraduate degree with a passion for helping others and a commitment to arts education, she chose to go back to school. Karen is currently pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science (MLIS) at San Jose State University and looking forward to becoming a full time librarian.

Karen is originally from Minnesota but currently lives in Oakland. Outside of the library she still enjoys making art, trying to find new ways to upscale, use found materials, and generally be creative on a budget. She also loves to cook, hike, read, daydream, and binge watch TV on a variety of streaming platforms (when homework allows).

Yumi joined the Academy of Art University Library in September 2016. After moving to the United States from Japan, she attained a BA in Mass Communication from the California State University, East Bay. Most recently she completed her Library Information Technology Certificate at City College of San Francisco in the Spring of 2016. Formerly, she worked as a student assistant at the CCSF library.

Outside of the library, she enjoys baking and walking in the Golden Gate Park with her family and her guide dog, Gingko.

Samantha joined the Academy of Art University Library in June 2018. She received her B.A. in English and Gender Studies with a minor in LGBTQ Studies from Michigan State University, where she also worked as a student library assistant. Samantha is interested in pursuing an MLIS degree and hopes to turn her love of libraries and literature into a lifelong career.

Outside of the library, Samantha enjoys reading, playing volleyball, traveling, and spending time with her niece. She is a self-described coffee enthusiast, intersectional feminist, and musical theatre nerd.