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What is ebrary?

Ebrary is an online resource that allows you to browse, search, and read over 4,500 full text electronic books in the arts and humanities.

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How do I search for books on ebrary?

You can search the library’s online catalog, by keyword, title or author. If the book is available on ebrary, it will show its location as "Online Resource" or "Online Course Reserve."

For example, perform a keyword search in the Library Catalog for fashion-ology.
You will receive two results:

The first result shows the location as Circulating Stacks - that means the book is physically in the library, in the Circulating Stacks section.

The second result shows the location as Online Resource - this means this is an ebook and can be read online.

You can also use the Library’s Advanced Search page. Enter your keyword, author, or title search information and under Limited To, select EBOOK from the Material Type dropdown menu.

You can search for books in ebrary using their search tool. There is a simple search box on the top of the page when you access ebrary, or you can click the link to use their Advanced Search.

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How do I find a Course Reserve book on ebrary?

If you know the title or author for the book you are looking for, you can search the library’s online catalog using the keyword search, author search or title search.

You can also search for your course name or professor's name using the Course Reserve Search.

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Do I need to create an account with ebrary?

No, creating an ebrary account is optional. You can search and browse for books and read entire ebrary books without creating an ebrary account.

Creating an ebrary account will provide you with additional tools that may improve your experience with ebrary. With an ebrary account you can add books to your personal bookshelf as well as highlight and annotate books.

You need to create an ebrary account in order to download ebrary books or to access the ebrary app.

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How do I create an account with ebrary?

  • Click the Sign-in button in the upper right corner.
  • On the Sign In page, click Create an account.
  • Complete the form, and then click Create New Account.
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How do I download books from ebrary?

You must sign into your ebrary account to download an ebrary book. How do I create an account with ebrary?

Click the Download button in ebrary.

If you are viewing a book in ebrary, the download button will be in the menu bar above the document:

If you are looking at your search results, in ebrary, the dowload button will be below the book information:

There are two options for downloading ebrary books:
  1. You can create a PDF of a chapter or a specific range of pages. Depending on the book there will be a maximum number of pages you can download.
  2. You can download the entire book to be read with Adobe Digital Editions for 7 or 14 days, depending on the title. Some books may not be available for download. You need to download and install Adobe Digital Editions first.
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How do I use ebrary on my iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

You will need to download the free ebrary app before you can start using ebrary on your Apple or Android mobile device.

  1. First, create a personal ebrary account if you do not already have one. How do I create an account with ebrary?
  2. Next, create an Adobe account . If you have ever downloaded a full-text ebrary book, you already have one.
  3. Go to either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, depending on the brand of your phone or tablet, to download and install the free ebrary app.
  4. Once the app is installed on your phone or tablet, open it. The first time you open the app, you will be prompted to enter your personal ebrary account username and password and your Adobe account username and password.

Once the ebrary app is installed and you are logged in with your ebrary and Adobe accounts, you will be able to read ebrary titles online and offline, download full titles, create automatic citations for downloaded books, and import and read documents from other sources.

To get more information about the ebrary mobile app, go to ebrary's Mobile App Support Center.

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How do I copy or cite text from an ebrary book?

  • Select the text you want to quote with your mouse
    • Click the Info Tools button
    • Click Copy in the dropdown menu
  • A new window will pop open with your selected text as well as citation information.
    • You can copy the text in this window by typing Control-C (on Windows) or Command-C (on Mac)
    • You can paste this text in a document by typing Control-V (on Windows) or Command-V (on Mac)
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How do I add books to my bookshelf?

Adding books to your bookshelf will make them easier for you to find in the future.

  • To add a book to your bookshelf using the browser:
    • Click the Add to My Bookshelf button on the right-hand side of the screen
      (in the TOC tab when you are viewing a book).
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How do I highlight or annotate books?

Highlighted and annotated books will be saved to your bookshelf.

  • To add a note to a page:
    • Click the Info Tools button
    • Click Create Note from the dropdown menu
    • Start typing in the small window that appears
      - click the OK button on the note window and your note will be saved.
    • Click the Notes tab on the right-hand side of the screen to view your annotations.
  • To highlight or annotate a passage of text:
    • Select the text you want to highlight with your mouse.
    • Click the Yellow Highlighter button:
    • OR click the arrow next to the Highlighter button to select a different color highlight or to select to highlight and annotate:
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How do I print a page or multiple pages?

If you use a Mac, we suggest using Safari when printing from ebrary; using Firefox can cause ebrary to accidentally print extra pages.

The text is much easier to read if you print using the ebrary Reader.

Printing using the ebrary Reader

Click the Print button on the ebrary Reader in the menu bar:
A new window will pop up asking you if you want to print the current page or a range of pages:

Printing using the browser

Click the Info Tools button in the upper left of the screen, then click Print from the dropdown menu. A new window will pop open asking you if you want to print the current page, a range of pages, or the current chapter:

Select your option and click the Print button.
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When I try to read a book, it tells me the document is being viewed by another user. How do I read this book?

Most titles in ebrary can be read by multiple students at the same time, but a few titles are Single Use Titles which can only be viewed by one student at a time.

If you try to access a Single Use book while another student is currently viewing it, you will see the following pop-up message, letting you know that another student is viewing the book:

The pop-up window will let you know where you are in the line: "You are the first person in line to access this document."

If you want to be put on the list to view the book, click the "Add me to list" button. If you want to leave and try again later, click the "No Thanks" button.

If you click the "Add me to list" button, you will see the following:

You must keep this window open to stay in the line. Once there is an available copy of the ebook, you will see this screen:

Click the Open Document button and you can begin to read the book.
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If you have questions about accessing ebrary, contact Heather Stenson.