Statement of responsibility

Patrons are responsible for AAU Library materials that are checked out to them. Any items that are lost or damaged while in a patron’s possession must be paid for or replaced by the patron. Items returned in unusable condition are considered damaged; this includes stains, water damage, pen markings, and highlighting. Lost or damaged items will remain on the patron’s record until they have been paid for or replaced.

Paying for an item

The flat fee for replacing a lost/damaged book or media item is $65 ($55 replacement fee and $10 processing fee). The flat fee for replacing a lost/damaged a flash drive is $30. The Library accepts cash, checks or credit cards. The Library does not give refunds for lost items that have been paid for and are found later.

Replacement of an item

Patrons may also be eligible to replace an item themselves. In addition to cost of replacement, patrons are also responsible for a $10 processing fee. The following guidelines for replacement must be adhered to:

  • Replacing an item is only an option if the replacement process is completed within three months of the item’s original due date. Lost/damaged items that are more than three months past due are subject to flat replacement fees (see above).
  • All replacement copies must be new. Used copies are not acceptable replacements.
  • All replacement copies must be the exact same as the lost/damaged item. The ISBNs of the replacement and lost/damaged items must match.
  • If multiple editions exist of the lost/damaged item, replacement copies may either be the same edition or a newer edition.
  • Replacement copies must be given in person to the Access Services Librarian, who will ascertain acceptability.

To ensure the eligibility of replacing items and acceptability of replacements, please contact the library at 415-618-3842 or before purchasing the replacement item.

Possible sources for replacement copies include, Alexander Book Company (50 2nd Street, San Francisco), and other local and online bookstores.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the library at 415-618-3842 or email at