It is the goal of the Academy of Art University Library to offer services and materials that will help Academy students in their studies. The library is intended to be both a place of study and a social hub for the student and faculty body of the university. Library staff members continually strive to make the facility as welcoming and useful as possible.

The library is considered a non-profit wing of AAU, and its materials are commonly owned. If a member of this community removes or destroys library materials, it deprives others of the benefit of this commonly owned resource. Library collections, in part, are developed to preserve ideas for the future. Librarians take seriously their responsibility to collect, preserve and circulate these important materials. The system is unique in society, and it works only as long as the community respects and honors the basic principles of community-owned and maintained resources.

The following rules apply to all library users:

  1. You are responsible for the materials you check out.
  2. Any AAU library user who steals, destroys, or defaces books, periodicals, movies computers, or other library property, including the removal of pages from books or periodicals, will be reported to the library director, the students department director, the head of campus security, and the Dean of Students.
  3. Library users caught vandalizing or damaging library property may be subject to: replacement of the item(s), payment of processing fees or monetary fines (up to $65.00 per item) and a loss of library privileges.
  4. Rule 3 may also apply to accidental acts of vandalism or damage to library property. Damage that is a result of gross negligence may also result in disciplinary action.
Any violation of these rules may also result in disciplinary action by the Academy administration. These actions may include suspension and/or expulsion.

Theft or vandalism of library property constitutes a violation of Academy policy and state law (theft, damage to property), and is considered criminal and behavioral misconduct in accordance with the AAU Student Code of Conduct. From the AAU Student Code:

Unacceptable conduct includes but is not limited to the following:

17. Defacement, vandalism, tagging or using graffiti on University buildings or property.
20. Theft of University property, or assisting in storing or knowingly using stolen University property, as well as the non-return of borrowed (checked-out) ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY equipment.
23. Destruction of University property, including library vandalism.
25. Disruption of the campus educational process, administrative process, or other campus sponsored event.
* Violations of federal, state, city laws/ordinances: Should an act violate both university regulations and public law, the student is subject to dual jurisdiction.

Security Gates and Bag Checks

Security gates are in place to protect the valuable resources of the Library so that all AAU patrons may continue to benefit from our resources. If the security alarm sounds, the AAU Library reserves the right to examine any backpack, bag, portfolio or other carrying device of anyone using the Library.