The Academy of Art University and AMICA Library Collections hosted in the LUNA digital image database contain hundreds of examples of historical fashion and costume images by painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, craftspeople, and fashion designers. These images directly support the Academy of Art University fashion curriculum and specifically the FSH 244: History of Fashion core course. Costume and fashion images offer an overview of the history of fashion, including ceremonial and everyday dress in Europe, China, Japan, and America. Many images are from the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum.

To view, print, or download images of historical costume and fashion visit the library's Digital Images Webpage and select LUNA Digital Image Collections. (You do not need to register with LUNA to view, print, or download images).

Select either the Academy of Art University or the Amica Library Collections.

Select "Advanced Search" to search for images by specific search fields.

Use the two-columned tables below to guide your advanced search. Select a search field from the drop-down menu in the "find this exact wording" field and type in a word or an artists' name. For example, select Work Type, begin typing "costume" in the "find this exact wording" field, and select search.

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Wildcard Search Help: The Academy of Art University and Amica Library Collections support wildcard searching, which can be done with an asterisk (*) in the keyword field. Combining the wildcard symbol with a word may broaden a search by including variations of that word. For example, searching for images that show "clothing" or "cloth" images can be done with the keyword "cloth*".

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Browse "Public Media Groups" to view groups of images that show examples of historical costume and fashion. Make sure that "All Collections" are selected.

Select Explore and then Media Groups

The "FSH 244" Media Groups reflect strong examples of historical costume and fashion by time period. Images are composed of paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and photographed costumes from various time periods. (Media Groups are alphabetized by title.)

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Academy of Art University Collection

Search Field Examples of Words or Artists to Search
Work Type Costumes, fashion illustrations, footwear, headdresses, textiles
Work Material Chiffon, cloth, cotton, crepe, damask, feather (material), felt, fur, lace, leather, linen (material), organza, satin, sequins (spangles), silk (textile), tweed, velvet, velveteen, wool
Work Technique Appliqué (technique), design (discipline), embroidering, fashion design, knitting (process), leatherworking, sewing (process), stitching
Class Costume
Work Subject Fashion*, clothing and dress, costumes, aprons, bonnets, capes (clothing), fur, hats, kilts, kimonos, knitwear, lingerie, pants, robes, skirts, shoes, shirts, textiles, trousers, turbans, etc…
Work Creator Adolfo
Alaia, Azzedine
Balenciaga, Cristobal
Beene, Geoffrey
Berard, Christian
Bohan, Marc
Bouet-Willaumez, Rene
Brooks, Donald
Capucci, Roberto
Chanel, Coco
Dior, Christian
Fiorucci, Elio
Fortuny y Madrazo, Mariano
Galanos, James
Givenchy, Hubert de
Patou, Jean
Schiaparelli, Elsa
Vionnet, Madeleine
Worth, Charles Frederick
Keywords Fashion*, costume*, textiles, etc …

Amica Library Collection

Search Field Examples of Words or Artists to Search
Object Type Costume and Jewelry
Materials and Techniques Cloth, cotton, damask, feather, felt, lace, leather, linen, satin, silk, velvet, wool
Classification Term Costume
Subject Terms Dress, clothing & dress, hats, textiles
Work Creator Balenciaga, Cristóbal
Berard, Christian
Chanel, Gabrielle 'Coco'
Courrèges, André
Dior, Christian
Fath, Jacques
Galanos, James
Gernreich, Rudi
Givenchy, Hubert de
Grès, Madame
McCardell, Claire
Molyneux, Edward
Reboux, Caroline
Saint Laurent, Yves
Schiaparelli, Elsa
Soeurs, Callot
Versace, Gianni
Vreeland, Diana
Worth, Charles Frederick
Keywords Fashion*, costume*, textile*